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Live Cinema Performance
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Audiovisual performance
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TV-report about Intruders
Watch here a little report about Intruders at the festival “Retours vers le future” in Châteauroux, France.

Intruders – trailer out now!
Based on amateur archives from the 1920′s to actual time, Intruders is an audiovisual memory remix of anonymous stories and portraits, a dancing conversation with our own ghosts. Attracted by nostalgia and voyeurism, we are suddenly followed by familiar, suspicious and curious glances which are seeking our attention in the present time, without interruption. Please click here to watch the trailor

Upcoming dates:
16th March 2017 | Festival Retours vers le Futur | Châteauroux, France
17th March 2017 | B-Seite – Festival fĂĽr visuelle Kunst und Jetztkultur | Mannheim, Germany
21st April 2017 | La souris verte | Épinal, France
19th May 2017 | Maison d’arrêt | Dunkerque, France
19th May 2017 | LPM – Live Performers Meeting  | Amsterdam, Netherlands
24th June 2017 | Cinéma Studio 43 | Dunkerque, France

Intruders Live Cinema Performance


A hypnotic audio visual performance about the life of others, which uses our collective memory to confront us with our own impressions and feelings.

Based on amateur and family film archives from the 1920′s to present times, Intruders is an audio-visual memory remix of anonymous stories and portraits, a dancing conversation with our own ghosts. Attracted by nostalgia and voyeurism, we are led into a time travel in which we are  increasingly followed by familiar, suspicious and curious glances of unknown human figures, seeking our attention in the present time. Intruding our collective memory, the pictures use their own history to feed our inner emotions and internalised fictions.
Intruders is co-produced by the video art residency Bandits-Mages and the national French archive Centre CICLIC. Inspired by 4000 watched films and 26 hours of collected archive footage, Intruders is an unique contemporary historical document with more than 2000 live sampled and manipulated audio and video sequences.
Dealing with collective memory as well as the intimacy and transience of being, the actuality of this audiovisual performance seems to be timeless in today’s interconnected media society, which produces permanently archives.

Live video: A-li-ce
Live audio: Swub
Co-producers: Bandits-Mages, Bourges (Fr),  Ciclic, Issoudun (Fr)
Duration: 35 min
© 2014

Parade - Live A/V Audio Visual Performance

Parade starts as a playground where everyone builds its own daily personal mythology, filled with words and characters. And one morning you decide to throw them away. Because this is not enough any more. And crisis can happen to anyone, any time. Then you just have to cut the pieces again and leave.

We talk about spam messages, white lights, birds, electricity, schizophrenia and of course about the band Abba.

Creation & live video: A-li-ce
Live audio: Swub
Duration: 30 min
© 2013

Video - Chapter 1
Video - Chapter 2

About swub

Based in Berlin, swub is a DJ and music composer mainly in the field of audiovisual performances, live cinema and video productions.
Inspired by his long-time passion about jazz music, he started to mix early his favourite records in the end of the 90ties and was one of the founders of the travelling jazz party “Chew-Chew-Club”, which toured successfully from 2002 to 2006 through many different German clubs.
Over the years, his initial 30ties to 60ties sound melt down with electronic music. His contemporary sets are a rich variety of jazzy breaks, house and dubswing.
In 2012, he started to produce own songs and remixes for his DJ-sets and collaborated one year later with the French video artist A-li-ce to create the sound for her new audiovisual performance “Parade”, followed by the joint project “Intruders” in 2014. Currently, he produces his first solo EP.

Last shows: FreilichtbĂĽhne WeiĂźensee – Open Air Cinema (Berlin, Germany), whiteBOX – Everything is a Remix / Tech Days (Munich, Germany), Cent Soleils – Open Air Cinema (OrlĂ©ans, France),  Les Rencontres Bandits Mages (Bourges, France), Spektrum (Berlin, Germany), La Triennale de VendĂ´me (VendĂ´me, France), Nuit de la video (Nancy, France),  Festival Les Futurs de l’écrit (Noirlac, France), Scope Sessions: Transmediale Vorspiel – AV Exposure (Berlin, Germany), Festival du film de VendĂ´me (VendĂ´me, France), Silencio (Paris, France), Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival (Kassel, Germany), Bundeskunsthalle (Bonn, Germany), >L’Hybride (Lille, France), >Robot Festival (Bologna, Italy), LPM (Rome, Italy),

My greatest pleasure in doing music is to join apparently “old-fashioned” sounds with broken beats and a heavy bass.


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